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The first modern dictionary compiled in Tibet:Source
Chos kyi grags pa, dge bshes. Brda dag ming tshig gsal ba. Peking: Mi rigs dpe bskrun khang, 1957.

"Chos ki grags pa. Dge bshes Chos kyi grags pas btsams pa'i brda dag ming tshig gsal ba/ Gezi Quzha Zangwen cidian: Zang, Han duizhap (Beijing: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang/ Minzu chubanshe, 1995 [1957]). The Tibetan dictionary was compiled by a Mongol geshé in 1946. The block edition was completed in 1949, and Fazun and others translated the definitions into Chinese before its publication. The handwritten draft of this translation is preserved in the Chongqing municipal archives." (Source: This is a reproduction of note 48 of chapter 7 in Tibetan Buddhists in the Making of Modern China by Gray Tuttle; see google book here)