Dam Ngak Dzö Volume 14

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Volume 14 - Pacification and Severance

Table of Contents:

  1. Source Texts for Severance Practice: The Object of Cutting Devils, The Profound Meaning of the Perfection of Wisdom
    1. Aryadeva's Grand Poem: Esoteric Instructions on the Perfection of Wisdom by Āryadeva the Brahmin. Translated by Sarah Harding.
    2. The Great Bundle of Precepts. The Source Esoteric Instruction on Severance, the Profound Perfection of Wisdom by Machik Lapdrön. Translated by Sarah Harding.
    3. Heart Essence of Profound Meaning: The Quintessence of all Source Texts and Esoteric Instructions of Severance, the Perfection of Wisdom by Jamyang Gönpo. Translated by Sarah Harding.
    4. Pure Honey: A Commentary on the Source Text of Severance, "Esoteric Instructions on the Perfection of Wisdom" by Drung Sarupa Kunga Namgyal. Translated by Sarah Harding.
    5. The Great Bundle of Precepts on Severance Outline by Lord Rangjung Dorje. Translated by Sarah Harding.