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* [[ma gcig lab sgron]]
*[[ma gcig lab sgron]]
* [[ma gcig slab sgron]]
*[[ma gcig slab sgron]]
* [[ma gcig]]
*[[ma gcig]]
* [[ma gcig lab kyi sgron ma]]
*[[ma gcig lab kyi sgron ma]]
* [[ma gcig jo mo]]
*[[ma gcig ye shes kyi mkha' 'gro lab kyi sgrol ma]]
*[[ma gcig jo mo]]
'''Other Transliterations in use:'''<br>
'''Other Transliterations in use:'''<br>
*[[Machig Labdrön]]
*[[Machig Labdrön]]

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Other Transliterations in use:


1055 - 1149? (the source of dates are from The Crystal and the Way of Light by Namkhai Norbu, John Shane, Snow Lion Publications, 1999.)

Other Biographical Information

Main Students

rgyal ba don grub - her son

chos kyi seng+ge

Main Teachers

bsod nams bla ma

a ston


Writings About Ma gcig lab sgron