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Other Transliterations in use:<br>
Other Transliterations in use:<br>
[[Jo Nang Tāranātha]]<br>
[[Jo Nang Tāranātha]]<br>
[[Kunga Nyingpo]]<br>
[[Jetsun Taranatha]]<br>
[[Jetsun Taranatha]]<br>

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Tibetan: ཏཱ་ར་ནཱ་ཐ་

Other Transliterations in use:
Jo Nang Tāranātha
Jetsun Taranatha
Tāranātha, Jo Nang


Born: 1575
Died: 1634

Other Biographical Information


The last great throne-holder at Jonang , Taranatha was a successor to the reincarnation line of Kunga Dolchok. He recieved the entirety of major transmissions from the Kadam, Zhalu, Sakya, Shangpa Kagyu and Kamtsang Kagyu traditions, and was an expert on the tantras from the later translation period (gsar bsgyur). He recieved the Dro lineage of the Kalachakra from his teacher Kunga Palzang at Jomonang, and the transmissions according to Buton's Zhalu Rwa tradtion from Kenchen Lunrig Gyatso. As one of the most prolific authors in the Jonang tradition, his 23 volumes of collected works encompass topics on history, tantric ritual practice, zhentong thought, autobiography, pilgrimage, astrology, medicine, meditation, etc. In the year 1615, Taranatha founded Takten Damcho Ling Monastery (Phuntsok Ling) south of the Richo Chenmo mountain hermitage and Great Stupa of Jonang. Source

Main Students

Main Teachers

Buddhagupta (Sangs rgyas sbas pa'i mgon)


Writings About Tāranātha