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  • Gdams ngag mdzod Paro Edition (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    [[author::'jam mgon kong sprul.| ]] [[Category:'jam mgon kong sprul.]] [[publisher::Lama Ngodrup and Sherab Drimey,| ]] [[Category:Lama
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  • Gdams ngag mdzod Shechen Printing (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    (sic) Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (dil mgo mkhyen brtse rinpo che, 1910-1991) used to say that sectarian views could only arise from insufficient lack knowledge
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  • DOWNLOAD PDF: Barron, Richard, trans 2013 The Catalog of The Treasury of Precious Instructions by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye Tsadra Foundation.pdf
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  • Person:Shamarpa, 2nd (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    dpal ye shes mkha' spyod pa dri med dpal ye shes Other Transliterations in use: Khachö Wangpo Khacho Wangpo Shamar Khachö Wangpo Shamar Khacho Wangpo
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  • Person:Ngag dbang chos dpal (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    rgya mtsho chos dpal rgya mtsho, smin gling lo chenOther Transliterations in use: Lochen Dharmaśrī Minling Lochen Dharmaśrī Ngawang Chöpal Gyatso Minling
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  • Person:Ngag dbang chos 'phel (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    'phel grub dbang bla ma ngag dbang chos 'phel Other Transliterations in use: Born: Died: [PLACELINKHERE TBRC RID: PLACEIDNUMBERHERE] Works
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  • stub བོད་མི་ stub རྒྱ་གར་མི་ stub To be used for the gdams ngag mdzod cataloging project: {{Tibetan Text Metadata |title = |collection = gdams ngag mdzod
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  • category name used at the bottom of this page. In other words, it should be the spelling of the main author page for this author in the DRL wiki. If no author
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  • In general, use the Notes area in the Metadata for each Tibetan text to record problems and issues for further research. Use this page to record especially
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