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Text Translation

Language of Translation: What language is this translation published in?
Translator: Enter the translator's name: Last name, First initial.
Editor: Enter the content editor's name: Last name, First initial.
Wiki Editor: Enter the wiki editor's name (your name): Last name, First initial.
Has Draft: Does this translation have a draft associated with it?
Has Commentary: {Template:Field Does this text have a commentary associated with it? List the title of the translation page here. Add multiple text names separated by semicolons
Is a Commentary on: Is this text a commentary of a root text in the DNZ? List the title of the translation page here.
Main Title: This field is for the main title of the text given before the subtitle.
Subtitle: This field is for the subtitle given by the translator in the translation itself. Separate multiple titles with semicolons.
Member of Series: Is this translation a member of a special series to be recorded here?
Alternate Publication Source?: Was this translation published somewhere else first? Record the citation for that publication here.
Publisher: Enter the publisher name here if not Tsadra Foundation. Don't forget to add the category at the bottom of the page.
Publication Date: Enter full date here YEAR-MO-DA
Has Translation Text Number: This is translation text number assigned in order of arrival at the Research Department. Use four digit numbers such as 0001, 0002, 0003, and so on.
Translation Notes: If there are special notes to be made about the translation or its content, place them in this field.

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