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I. Foreword<br>
I. Foreword<br>
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:B. Explanation of the Title<br>
:B. Explanation of the Title<br>
:C. Making the Concluding Aspiration<br>
:C. Making the Concluding Aspiration<br>

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I. Foreword

A. The Homage
B. The Commitment to Explain
C. Instructions on the Practice

II. The Main Text

A. Brief Presentation
B. Extensive Explanation
1. Teaching Meaningful Activity in the Manner of Advice
a. Brief Presentation
b. Training in the Meaning of the Ten Perfections
c. Training in the Meaning of the Eightfold Path of the Noble Ones
d. Instructions on the Profound Meaning
e. Detailed Explanation of Resting in the Nonduality of Object and Mind
2. Teaching the Vital Points of Responsibly Integrating Practice
a. Brief Presentation
b. Extensive Explanation
i. Identifying the Tangible Devil
ii. The Method to Sever It
iii. Identifying the Intangible Devil and the Method to Sever It
iv. Direct Action if not Severed
I) Ascertaining the Intangible Devil
A) Direct Action
B) An Exemplary Method to Rest without Presumption
C) Apparitions Directly Introduced in Oneself.
II) The Devil of Exaltation
A) Identifying Common Spiritual Powers as a Devil and Severing
B) Instructions on Not Being Attachment to Enjoyments
III) Severance of the Devil of Inflation
A) Confidence that Does Not Cling to Anything
B) Clinging Desire of Mental Phenomena Obscures the Meaning.
C) The Reason that Buddha is Not an Object of Mind
D) Resolving Mind and Thought that Does Not Contradict Demonstration by Mere Symbols
E) Resolution in Transcending Evaluation of the Genuine.
F) Not Rejecting or Accepting what Occurs Naturally
G) Not Pursuing Anything since Fixation Is a Devil
H) Severance as Symbol
I) Resolution in Self-liberation without Objectifying
3. Teaching that Freedom from Inflation Is the Confidence of View
a. Decisiveness in Self-liberation without Objectivity
b. Confidence in the Lack of Arising and Cessation
4. The Unity of Distinctiveness and Eminence
a. Distinctive Eminent Severance
b. The Method
c. Meaninglessness if the Method Is Not Known
d. Introducing the Method to Those Who Do Not Recognize It
5. Getting Directly to the Vital Point, Introducing the Mode of Being
a. The Method of Resting in the Abiding Nature
b. Introducing the Mode of Being
6. Teachings of Earnest Encouragement
a. Advice of Delight
b. Final Word on the Meaning of the Attributes of this Teaching
i. Upholding this Instruction
ii. Decisively Cutting Acceptance and Rejection
c. Recipients Granted Instructions
i. Worthy Recipients
ii. Unworthy Recipients

III. Conclusion

A. Final Instruction
B. Explanation of the Title
C. Making the Concluding Aspiration