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I. Foreword<br>
:A. The Homage<br>
:B. The Commitment to Explain<br>
:C. Instructions on the Practice<br>
II. The Main Text<br>
:A. Brief Presentation <br>
:B. Extensive Explanation<br>
::1. Teaching Meaningful Activity in the Manner of Advice<br>
:::a. Brief Presentation <br>
:::b. Training in the Meaning of the Ten Perfections<br>
:::c. Training in the Meaning of the Eightfold Path of the Noble Ones<br>
:::d. Instructions on the Profound Meaning<br>
:::e. Detailed Explanation of Resting in the Nonduality of Object and Mind<br>
::2. Teaching the Vital Points of Responsibly Integrating Practice<br>
:::a. Brief Presentation<br>
:::b.  Extensive Explanation <br>
::::i. Identifying the Tangible Devil<br>
::::ii. The Method to Sever It<br>
::::iii. Identifying the Intangible Devil and the Method to Sever It<br>
::::iv. Direct Action if not Severed<br>
:::::I) Ascertaining the Intangible Devil<br>
::::::A) Direct Action<br>
::::::B) An Exemplary Method to Rest without Presumption<br>
::::::C) Apparitions Directly Introduced in Oneself.<br>
:::::II) The Devil of Exaltation<br>
::::::A) Identifying Common Spiritual Powers as a Devil and Severing <br>
::::::B) Instructions on Not Being Attachment to Enjoyments<br>
:::::III) Severance of the Devil of Inflation<br>
::::::A) Confidence that Does Not Cling to Anything<br>
::::::B) Clinging Desire of Mental Phenomena Obscures the Meaning.<br>
::::::C) The Reason that Buddha is Not an Object of Mind<br>
::::::D) Resolving Mind and Thought that Does Not Contradict Demonstration by Mere Symbols<br>
::::::E) Resolution in Transcending Evaluation of the Genuine.<br>
::::::F) Not Rejecting or Accepting what Occurs Naturally<br>
::::::G) Not Pursuing Anything since Fixation Is a Devil<br>
::::::H) Severance as Symbol<br>
::::::I) Resolution in Self-liberation without Objectifying<br>
::3. Teaching that Freedom from Inflation Is the Confidence of View<br>
:::a. Decisiveness in Self-liberation without Objectivity<br>
:::b. Confidence in the Lack of Arising and Cessation<br>
::4. The Unity of Distinctiveness and Eminence <br>
:::a. Distinctive Eminent Severance<br>
:::b. The Method<br>
:::c. Meaninglessness if the Method Is Not Known<br>
:::d. Introducing the Method to Those Who Do Not Recognize It<br>
::5.  Getting Directly to the Vital Point, Introducing the Mode of Being<br>
:::a. The Method of Resting in the Abiding Nature<br>
:::b. Introducing the Mode of Being <br>
::6. Teachings of Earnest Encouragement<br>
:::a. Advice of Delight<br>
:::b. Final Word on the Meaning of the Attributes of this Teaching<br>
::::i. Upholding this Instruction<br>
::::ii. Decisively Cutting Acceptance and Rejection<br>
:::c. Recipients Granted Instructions<br>
::::i. Worthy Recipients<br>
::::ii. Unworthy Recipients<br>
III. Conclusion<br>
:A. Final Instruction<br>
:B. Explanation of the Title<br>
:C. Making the Concluding Aspiration<br>

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