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kar ma pa rang 'byung rdo rje

Other Transliterations in use:
Karmapa, 3rd Rangjung Dorje
Karmapa Rangjung Dorje
The 3rd Karmapa


( b. 1284 d. 1339 )

Main Students[edit]

dar ma rgyal mtshan
grags pa seng+ge
rdo rje dpal ba
kun dga' rgyal mtshan
rin chen bzang po
bsod nams grags pa
gzhon nu rgyal po
phun tshogs dpal
rgyal ba dpal
g.yag sde paN chen
kun dga' rdo rje
rgyal sras legs pa
dri med 'od zer

Main Teachers[edit]

rin chen dpal
shes rab
gzhon nu 'byung ba
shes rab dpal
kun dga' don grub
ye shes
gzhon nu rgyal po

Other Biographical Information[edit]

Important master of the karma kaM tshang tradition; he is regarded as the first of the incarnation lamas in tibet, since he became widely recognized as the embodiment of kar+ma pak+Si
he was installed first at karma dgon and then established at kam po gnas nang
he is famed for the building of the iron bridge over the sog chu
in 1331 he was invited to court by the yuan emperor and received by prince rat+na shrI
after the prince's demise, his elder brother brought him to sman rtse
according to the bod kyi gal che'i lo rgyus he died at 56 TBRC Source


Writings About Karmapa, 3rd[edit]