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  • Gdams ngag mdzod Paro Edition (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    [[author::'jam mgon kong sprul.| ]] [[Category:'jam mgon kong sprul.]] [[publisher::Lama Ngodrup and Sherab Drimey,| ]] [[Category:Lama Ngodrup and Sherab
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  • Gdams ngag mdzod Shechen Printing (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    (sic) Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (dil mgo mkhyen brtse rinpo che, 1910-1991) used to say that sectarian views could only arise from insufficient lack knowledge
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  • area and cannot be used as annotation property by a user. Property "Publisher" has a restricted application area and cannot be used as annotation property
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  • Person:Shamarpa, 2nd (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    dpal ye shes mkha' spyod pa dri med dpal ye shes Other Transliterations in use: Khachö Wangpo Khacho Wangpo Shamar Khachö Wangpo Shamar Khacho Wangpo 2nd
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  • Person:Ngag dbang chos dpal (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    mtsho chos dpal rgya mtsho, smin gling lo chen Other Transliterations in use: Lochen Dharmaśrī Minling Lochen Dharmaśrī Ngawang Chöpal Gyatso Minling Lochen
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  • Person:Ngag dbang chos 'phel (category Uses DRL Metadata)
    chos 'phel grub dbang bla ma ngag dbang chos 'phel Other Transliterations in use: Born: Died: [PLACELINKHERE TBRC RID: PLACEIDNUMBERHERE] Works associated
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  • same as in the metadata Ringu Tulku: PASTE info from Contents of the gdams ngag mdzod from Ringu Tulku - should be the same as in the metadata ===Publication
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  • stub བོད་མི་ stub རྒྱ་གར་མི་ stub To be used for the gdams ngag mdzod cataloging project: {{Tibetan Text Metadata |title = |collection = gdams ngag mdzod
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  • In general, use the Notes area in the Metadata for each Tibetan text to record problems and issues for further research. Use this page to record especially
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