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{{Text Tibetan}}
{{Text Tibetan}}
==Tibetan Text==
==Tibetan Text==
<div class="folio"><span class="shoglhe">XXX</span>
<div class="folio"><span class="shoglhe">XXX</span>

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'phags pa spyan ras gzigs dbang phyug gi bsnyen sgrub bdud rtsi'i chu rgyun
Damngak Dzö Volume 16 (མ་) / Pages 297-320 / Folios 1a1 to 12b6

Tibetan Text[edit]


  1. =[ref]|

Other Information[edit]

Information about Unicode Tibetan and the digitization of this text
As the only available unicode Tibetan text at the time, Nitartha International's version of the Paro Edition of the gdams ngag mdzod is provided here. However, note that it has not been thoroughly edited and that there may also be mistakes introduced through the conversion process. Eventually we will provide a fully edited version of the entire Shechen Edition, entered and edited multiple times by Pulahari Monastery in Nepal, but as of spring 2015 that project has not been finished. Note that the ཤོག་ལྷེ་ numbers that appear throughout were added by Nitartha Input Center at the time of input. Provided by Nitartha International Document Input Center. Many thanks to Lama Tenam and Gerry Wiener for help with fonts and conversion.