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Full Title[edit]

Tibetan: ༄༅། །ཤངས་ལུགས་མཁའ་འགྲོ་སྡེ་ལྔའི་མཆོད་གཏོར་འབུལ་བ་དཀྱུས་མ་ཙམ་གྱི་ལག་ལེན།

Wylie: @#/_/shangs lugs mkha' 'gro sde lnga'i mchod gtor 'bul ba dkyus ma tsam gyi lag len/

Short Title(s)[edit]


Author not found

Topic Information[edit]

shangs pa bka' brgyud - Liturgy

mchod gtor - mkha' 'gro sde lnga

TBRC: No note on contents
Ringu Tulku: The Practice of Making Torma Offering to the Five Dakinis of Shangpa Tradition.

Publication Information[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

Full Tibetan Text[edit]





Notes on the text[edit]

As mentioned in the colophon, this text was extracted from the work rin chen 'byung gnas.[1]

Notes on associated persons[edit]

Cataloging data[edit]

Title Page (ཁ་ཤོག་):

No title page

First Page Title(s):

  • བོད་སྐད་དུ། No title

Description of pages:

  • Side A:
  • གཡོན་: ན མཆོད་ (གྲངས་ཀ་) གཏོར།
Left: na mchod (tibfolio#) gtor/
  • གཡས་: གདམས་ངག་མཛོད་ཤངས་ཆོས།
Right: gdams ngag mdzod shangs chos/
  • Side B:
  • གཡོན་: མཁའ་འགྲོ་སྡེ་ལྔ།
Left: mkha' 'gro sde lnga/
  • གཡས་: #
Right: #

Volume #: 012 (ན་)

Text # in volume: 028

Text # in edition:

Master text#:

Begin-End Pages (Western): 569-571

Begin Tibetan page and line #: 1a1

End Tibetan page and line #: 2a5

Total # of pages (Western): 3

Total # of pages (Tibetan): 2 folios

Number of lines per page: 7 (1 page of 5)

Partial colophon in Tibetan: །ཞེས་པའང་ཉེར་མཁོའི་ཡན་ལག་ཏུ་རིན་འབྱུང་ལས་ཟུར་དུ་བཀོལ་བ་སྟེ་གུ་ཎས་སོ༎ ༎དགེ་ལེགས་འཕེལ༎ ༎

Partial colophon in Wylie: /zhes pa'ang nyer mkho'i yan lag tu rin 'byung las zur du bkol ba ste gu Nas so//_//dge legs 'phel//_//

Author: None given

Translator: None given

Scribe: None given

Redactor: gu Na

People associated with this text: None given

Text Lineage: None given