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{{Text Wylie
{{Text Wylie
|title = [[so lugs bla ma'i byin rlabs]].
|title = [[so lugs bla ma'i byin rlabs]].
|collection = [[gdams ngag mdzod]].
|collection = gdams ngag mdzod
|associatedpeople =  
|associatedpeople =  
|lineagedata =  
|lineagedata =  

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[[Image:DNZVolumeVolume 013,_67-74_so lugs bla ma'i byin rlabs..jpg|400x100px|alt=Upload a file|link=|Upload a file]]
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so lugs bla ma'i byin rlabs.

Damngak Dzö Volume Volume 013, ({{{VolumeLetterTib}}}) / Pages 67-74 / Folios 15a2 to 18b6

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[[titlefields::so lugs bla ma'i byin rlabs. | ]]

Full Title[edit]

Tibetan: སོ་ལུགས་བླ་མའི་བྱིན་རླབས།

Wylie: so lugs bla ma'i byin rlabs/

Short Title(s)[edit]


Author not found

Topic Information[edit]

dbang - Empowerment manual

dbang chog - bka' babs gsum gyi dbang bsgrigs

TBRC: No note on contents
Ringu Tulku:

Publication Information[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

Full Tibetan Text[edit]





Notes on the text[edit]

Notes on associated persons[edit]

Cataloging data[edit]

Title Page (ཁ་ཤོག་):

No title page

First Page Title(s):

  • བོད་སྐད་དུ། No title

Description of pages:

  • Side A:
  • གཡོན་: པ དབང་ (གྲངས་ཀ་) ཆོག་
Left: pa dbang (tibfolio#) chog
  • གཡས་: གདམས་མཛོད་ཞི་ཁྲིད།
Right: gdams mdzod zhi khrid/
  • Side B:
  • གཡོན་: བཀའ་བབས་གསུམ་གྱི་དབང་བསྒྲིགས།
Left: bka' babs gsum gyi dbang bsgrigs/
  • གཡས་: #
Right: #

Volume #: 013 (པ་)

Text # in volume:

Text # in edition:


Begin-End Pages (Western): 67-74

Begin Tibetan page and line #: 15a2

End Tibetan page and line #: 18b6

Total # of pages (Western): 8

Total # of pages (Tibetan): 4

Number of lines per page: 7 (2 pages of 6)

Partial colophon in Tibetan: No colophon

Partial colophon in Wylie:

Author: Author not found

Translator: None given

Scribe: None given

Redactor: None given

People associated with this text: None given

Text Lineage: None given