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DNZ Project Proposal

Phase I: Skin the Wiki to improve user interface and overall look and feel of the website. (Fall 2012)[edit]

  1. Marcus, Cory and Rafael meet on Skype to discuss Skinning DNZ Wiki
  2. Rafael provides look and feel with images, color palette and design
  3. Cory implements design on wiki

Phase II: Re-arrange data in Namespaces for ease of use (Fall 2012)[edit]

  1. Assign unique identifier to each text
  2. Move all Tibetan text pages into Tibetan Namespace
  3. Move all Wylie text pages into Wylie Namespace
  4. Move all Translations pages into Translation Namespace
  5. Update all pages in each Namespace with new designs and formatting
    1. Hire extra data enterer (intern) for this purpose

Phase III: Tibetan Data Entry (2013-2014)[edit]

  1. Create Tibetan Data Entry Interface to track and allow easy editing of Tibetan texts
    1. All Tsadra Scans of Shechen Printing of DNZ uploaded to the DNZ wiki on their own page
    2. Semantic form created for data entry and editing of Tibetan script in unicode Tibetan
    3. Train data enterers to edit Tibetan text on DNZ Wiki
    4. First layer of editing - Rangjung Dorje Publications
    5. Second layer of editing - Rangjung Dorje Publications
    6. Final layer of editing - Rangjung Dorje Publications
    7. Provide digital text for Tsadra Digital Publications Department

Phase IV: Glossary Project (2015)[edit]

  1. Add extension for hover over pop-ups on terms
  2. Link Tibetan terms and translator glossaries
  3. Create interface page for users to access glossary terms

Phase V: Public Communication (2016)[edit]

  1. Create light advertising and social networking capability for DNZ project