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The Bibliography Page for a Volume of translations will be a sub page of the English volume page in the DRAFT namespace.

Example: Volume 14

  • In the Wylie volume information page for volume 14 we have the following metadata:
    • |VolumeTitleTib=ཞི་བྱེད་དང་བཅོད་པོད་གཉིས་པའི་དཀར་ཆག་
    • |VolumeTitleWylie=zhi byed dang bcod pod gnyis pa'i dkar chag
    • |VolumeTitleTrans=Draft:Zhije and Chöd Text Collections Volume 2
  • Therefore, the bibliography page will be Draft:Zhije and Chöd Text Collections Volume 2/Bibliography

Every volume bibliography subpage should contain the following template at the top of the page:

<noinclude>{{Translation Bibliography}}</noinclude>
  • The Bibliography Page will have the citations for all translations in a volume and will be submitted by the translator.

Format the bibliography with indents, italics, and bold as submitted by the translator.