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Wylie: Nyi ma 'od zer, mnga' bdag nyang ral
nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer
Myang ral nyi ma 'od zer
mnga' bdag nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer

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birth 1136 at lho brag gtam shul 'jed sa ser Dgon - death 1204
Birth date (Tibetan) fire dragon (Phillips 114)
Birth date (international) 1136 CE (TBRC, Dudjom Rinpoche); 1136 CE or 1124 CE (Phillips 114)
Birth place (Tibetan) lho brag: gtam shul: jod pa ser mgon (Phillips 114)
Death date (Tibetan) wood mouse
Death date (international) 1204 CE (TBRC, Dudjom Rinpoche); 1192 CE or 1204 CE (Phillips 114)



Other Biographical Information[edit]

TBRC Person RID: P364
Name etymology: Braided one from Nyang; ray of sunlight
Naming history: Originally named Nyang ral, he received he name ‘od zer from a dākinī of prisine cognition at Mawocok Rock (Dudjom Rinpoche 755).
Ethnicity bod: dbus
Clan: nyang
Gender: male
Summary (1 paragraph): The first of the five treasure revealer kings in the Nyingma tradition, Nyangrel Nyima Özer (1136-1204 CE) is an extremely important figure in both the treasure tradition and Renaissance Tibet. A reincarnation of the Dharma King Thrisong Detsen (khri srong lde btsan), Nyangrel Nyima Özer showed signs of religious greatness from a young age. At the age of eight, he had visions of Avalokiteśvara, Padmasambhava and Śākyamuni; Padmasambhava actually bestowed him an initiation in one of these visions. He became learned in mantras and dialectics by studying with various teachers which included his father, and he would come to discover many important treasure texts. A religious layman, he married Jobuma (jo ‘bum ma) and had two sons: nam mkha’ ‘od zer and nam’mkha’ dpal ba. The latter son became his chief disciple and heir.

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