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Welcome to the Tsadra Foundation's Treasury of Precious Instructions Cataloging Project.

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Tsadra Foundation is pleased to provide a detailed catalog of the entire Treasury of Precious Instructions (gdams ngag rin po che'i mdzod), one of Jamgön Kongtrül's most important contributions to Tibetan literature. The website you are currently viewing is a collaborative wiki, created using MediaWiki software. If you are interested in editing or contributing to the catalog, please request login information from the director of the Tsadra Research Department by emailing:

The catalog, referred to as the "DNZ," is a database of information covering the eighteen volumes of the 1999 Shechen Printing of the gdams ngag mdzod, including detailed information about each text, such as size, location, lists of people associated with each text, lineage data, lists of translations available, and comparisons with previous catalogs. All colophons, text titles, and author names are recorded in both Extended Wylie and Unicode Tibetan. For more information about Tsadra Foundation and the creation of the DNZ, see the About the DNZ Project page.

Volumes of the Damngak Dzö and the Eight Lineages

Search and Navigation

To navigate within the catalog use the links to the left of any page below the search box. These links provide an outline of each volume and include some simple statistics. You can also search for a particular author (in Extended Wylie transliteration) or text title, phrase, or topic in the search box. Note that you can refine your search by checking only the Wylie, Tibetan, or Person entries so that you only search the text information you are looking for (More on searching here). For detailed information on the cataloging process and statistics collected about the mdzod as a whole, see the Research Department Report. Also note the list of resources available below. There is a set of sortable tables presenting information about the entire collection here: Gdams ngag mdzod DPL.