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"The author of Pure Honey, the commentary to Āryadeva’s Grand Poem, is given in the colophon as Kunga Paljor. In the Record of Teachings Received, Kongtrul gives his full name as Drung Sarupa Kunga Paljor (Drung sa ru pa Kun dga' dpal 'byor). It is stated there that he received the cycle of empowerments and transmissions of all the source scriptures directly from Machik Lapdrön in a visionary experience (p. 778). “Drung” may indicate the Trungpa lineage, and “Saru” appears to be a place name, since his immediate predecessor given in the lineage of transmission of Āryadeva’s text in Kongtrul’s catalogue is called the Great Adept of Saru, Sönam Paljor (Sa ru grub chen bSod rnam dpal 'byor, f. 71b). The latter was active in the 15th century (TBRC), which gives us an approximate date for Kunga Paljor. Other than this, and that according to Kongtrul he also authored the commentary to an important text attributed to Machik called A Hair's Tip of Wisdom, not much information is available." Source: Pure Honey