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Tibetan: Person:Shamarpa, 4th

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Born: 1453
Died: 1524


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One of the greatest masters of the karma kaM tshang tradition.
Founds the monastery of yangs pa can in either 1503 (according to the tshig mdzod chen mo) or in 1505 (according to zhwa sgab pa).
He was responsible for conferring bka' brgyud teachings on gong dkar rdo rje gdan pa kun dga' rnam rgyal.
1512 - ordained dpa' bo 02 gtsug lag 'phreng ba.
Took ordination under the 7th Karmapa, chos grags rgya mtsho.
Maintained the gzhan stong tradition of dol po pa.

Main Students

  • gtsug lag 'phreng ba (dpa' bo, 2nd)
  • blo gros rgyal po
  • rdo rje seng+ge
  • kun dga' rin chen
  • ngag dbang grags pa
  • kun dga' rnam rgyal
  • shes rab dpal
  • chos kyi blo gros
  • rin chen phun tshogs chos kyi rgyal po

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