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Basic DNZ page structure[edit]

  • Volume Level Pages
    • Volume dkar chag - Wylie
    • Volume dkar chag - Tibetan
    • Volume dkar chag - Translation
      • Volume Bibliography
  • Text Level Pages
    • Text Wylie
    • Text Tibetan
    • Text Translation

Templates in Use on the DNZ[edit]

Header Templates[edit]

Function Templates[edit]

  • Template:Get Text Info
    • Enables you to retrieve the Text Wylie:metadata from any Text Level page or their subpages (for the current text group)
    • Example:
  • Template:Get Vol Info
    • Enables you to retrieve the associated Volume Wylie:metadata from any Text Level page or their subpages
    • Example:
  • Template:Get Person's Works
    • Is a query that gets all works associated with the person (searches all author possibilities)
    • {{Get Person's Works| Name here}}
{{Get Text for Vol
|'phags pa shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa'i man ngag
|[[Bram ze Ārya de ba]] (Āryadeva the Brahmin), translated by [[zhwa ma lo tsA ba]]

Other Templates[edit]

Other Useful Things[edit]

Old Templates?[edit]

Semantic Calls[edit]

[[Category:{{#show:{{Get Text Info|translation#}}|?translator#}}]]

base useful queries[edit]

These are contained in the Function Templates to make it easier to use

  • Get volwylie from text wylie page:
  • Get VolumeTitleTrans from vol wylie page:{{#show:Wylie:{{#ask: [[translation::{{BASEPAGENAME}}]] | ?volwylie# = | mainlabel=-}}|?VolumeTitleTrans}}