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Tibetan: རྨ་སེ་སྟོན་པ་རིན་ཆེན་བཟང་པོ་


Other Transliterations in use:


Born: 1317 mi nyag
Died: 1383


Other Biographical Information[edit]


karma kaM tshang master from mi nyag reckoned as one of the mi nyag mkhas pa mi lnga born into the rma se lineage in mi nyag

1334 - First tonsure before Bsod-nams-rgyal-mtshan.
1335 - To Tibet.
Meets rang-byung-rdo-rje when he is on the way back from China and accompanies him to dbus.
1352 - Return to mi-nyag rab-sgang.
Founds ra-ti dar-rgyas-gling.
1372 - rma-se dgon khams-gsum-grags-bde-chen-gling.
1375 - Visited by Karmapa rol-pa'i-rdo-rje, who pacified many disputes in rab-sgang with rma-se acting as translator.
Looked after both gangs-dkar dgon-rnying and rma-se dgon.

Main Students[edit]

  • shAkya dpal
  • ye shes rdo rje
  • 'jam dbyangs grags pa

Main Teachers[edit]

  • Karmapa, 3rd (rang byung rdo rje)
  • shes rab rgyal mtshan
  • rin chen grub
  • bsod nams rgyal mtshan
  • snying po rgyal mtshan
  • byang chub skyabs
  • ye shes rdo rje
  • dbang phyug dpal


Writings About Rma se ston pa rin chen bzang po[edit]