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Tibetan: རོལ་པའི་རྡོ་རྗེ་


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Born: 1340 kong po
Died: 1383


Other Biographical Information[edit]

TBRC RID: 1456

Biography from

Biography from

Important master of the karma kaM tshang bka' brgyud tradition
In 1345 he was brought to brag dkyil lha khang where he recognized the belongings of his predecessors
Ta'i si tu recognizes him as the reembodiment of rang byung rdo rje
Brought to mtshur phu for education
In 1360 he was invited to China by the emperor tho gan the mur.
Returns to tibet via mi nyag and byang ngos
Founds go ra dgon gtsug lag khang
According to bod kyi gal che'i lo rgyus: born rngod a la rong and died at the age of 44

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