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Tibetan: ཐོགས་མེད་བཟང་པོ་

Other Transliterations in use:


Born: 1295
Died: 1369


bka' gdams

Other Biographical Information[edit]

Biographies of the bKa' gdams master rGyal sras thogs med bzang po dpal (1295-1369) by gZhon nu rgyal mtshan and bTsun pa dPal ldan rin chen.

Main Students[edit]

gzhon nu blo gros

'jam dbyangs don yod rgyal mtshan

bsod nams bzang po

rgyal ba rin chen

byang chub rtse mo

sangs rgyas dpal

tshul khrims dpal ba

sangs rgyas rin chen rgyal mtshan

dpal ldan ye shes

'gro mgon dpal ldan ye shes

Main Teachers[edit]

rin chen bkra shis

dpal 'bar

rin chen dpal bzang

rin chen rdo rje

kun dga' rgyal mtshan

gzhon nu rgyal mtshan

byang sems rin chen

nam mkha' sangs rgyas

bsod nams grags pa

rin chen bsod nams grags pa

sher 'bum


Writings About Thogs med bzang po[edit]