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Tibetan: Person:Sgam po pa


Other Transliterations in use:


birth 1079 at dbus lho gnyal yul
death 1153
foundsMonastery 1121 at dwags lha sgam po (rgya tsha rdzong)

Other Biographical Information

TBRC P1844
Short Gampopa biography from Kagyu Office website
List of works compiled by Dan Martin

Married (not recorded): Mchims Jo-sras Dar-ma-'od's daughter.
1104. Final ordination from (not recorded): Dge-bshes Blo-ldan-shes-rab (?=Rngog).
1106. Went with 'Gong-ston to Dbu-ru Byang.
Receives Bka'-gdams-pa teachings from Snyug-rum-pa Brtson-'grus-rgyal-mtshan.
1109. Meets Mi-la-ras-pa.
Founds Dwags-lha-sgam-po at the order of Mi-la-ras-pa.
Gsung 'bum in two volumes.
Tshe-nor gives year of birth as 1079.

Main Students

  • rdo rje rgyal po
  • dus gsum mkhyen pa
  • shes rab byang chub
  • tshul khrims snying po
  • dwags po 'dul 'dzin
  • shwo sgom
  • dar ma dbang phyug
  • brtson 'grus grags pa
  • rin chen brtson 'grus
  • tshul khrims dpal
  • pra b+ha rat+na
  • chos g.yung
  • sgom tshul
  • byang chub ye shes
  • shes rab gzhon nu
  • byang chub dngos grub

Main Teachers


Writings About Sgam po pa