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Tibetan: སྒམ་པོ་པ་


Other Transliterations in use:


birth 1079 at dbus lho gnyal yul
death 1153
foundsMonastery 1121 at dwags lha sgam po (rgya tsha rdzong)

Other Biographical Information[edit]

TBRC P1844
Short Gampopa biography from Kagyu Office website
List of works compiled by Dan Martin

Married (not recorded): Mchims Jo-sras Dar-ma-'od's daughter.
1104. Final ordination from (not recorded): Dge-bshes Blo-ldan-shes-rab (?=Rngog).
1106. Went with 'Gong-ston to Dbu-ru Byang.
Receives Bka'-gdams-pa teachings from Snyug-rum-pa Brtson-'grus-rgyal-mtshan.
1109. Meets Mi-la-ras-pa.
Founds Dwags-lha-sgam-po at the order of Mi-la-ras-pa.
Gsung 'bum in two volumes.
Tshe-nor gives year of birth as 1079.

Main Students[edit]

  • rdo rje rgyal po
  • dus gsum mkhyen pa
  • shes rab byang chub
  • tshul khrims snying po
  • dwags po 'dul 'dzin
  • shwo sgom
  • dar ma dbang phyug
  • brtson 'grus grags pa
  • rin chen brtson 'grus
  • tshul khrims dpal
  • pra b+ha rat+na
  • chos g.yung
  • sgom tshul
  • byang chub ye shes
  • shes rab gzhon nu
  • byang chub dngos grub

Main Teachers[edit]


Writings About Sgam po pa[edit]