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Tibetan Names

Tibetan: དྷརྨ་ཤྲཱི་

Sanskrit Names

Other Transliterations in use:


Other Biographical Information

Author of two texts in the sher phyin section of the Tengyur:
stong phrag rgya pa'i rnam par bshad pa

  • [P. No.] 5203, sher phyin, da 256a7-330b8 (vol.92, p.212-242)
  • [D. No.] 3802, mdo 'grel, da 204a3-270a7. [N] da 261b1-340b3. [Kinsha] 3202, da 335b1 (p.169-3-1)

shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa'i mdzod kyi lde mig

  • [Translator] ba reg /, [Translator] dri ma med pa /
  • [P. No.] 5204, sher phyin, da 331b1-338b7 (vol.92, p.242-246)
  • [D. No.] 3806, mdo 'grel, da 228a4-235a7. [N] da 340b4-349a3. [Kinsha] 3203, da 442b1 (p.223-2-1)

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