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This page lists all the subcategories of authors in the DNZ Research Library in the first section and all the authors in alphabetical order in the second section below.

A note on the cataloging of authors in the gdams ngag mdzod research wiki:
In an attempt to avoid solving various cataloging problems, both philosophical and bibliological, authors have been placed in categories primarily based on the language they publish in. Furthermore, authors have been placed in broad historical categories such as "classical" and "contemporary." The authors listed under Tibetan or Indian authors are "classical" writers and those listed under "Contemporary Tibetan" or "Contemporary Indian" are authors publishing "Western style" books or articles from the turn of the last century up to the present day.

Although most author names are recorded in this wiki in all their variations, author's names are formatted in this list to provide a "home page" for that author. "Western" names are given as last name, first initial. Classical Tibetan names are given in Wylie transliteration instead of in the various ways they may appear on the covers of published works or in various phonetic styles. However, contemporary Tibetan authors who have published under a "westernized" name appear in this list as they would in a bibliography citing their publication name. Therefore, karma phun tshogs appears as Phuntsho, Karma. Classical Chinese author names are given in Pinyin. Proper diacritics are used for names rendered in Sanskrit, Pali, French, and other languages. However, all attempts have been made to provide redirect pages from variant spellings of author's names. This means that if you search for Fazang in the box to the left, you will be automatically directed to Fāzàng. Similarly, if you search for Atisha or Atiśa you will reach Atīśa and if you search Jowo Je, you will reach both jo bo rje and Atīśa. Note that the first letter of an entry is automatically capitalized in the Media Wiki system, which will sometimes result in strange looking names, such as the entry Person:Nāropa (with an attempt to reflect the Tibetan spelling in extended Wylie).


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