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Tibetan: Person:Shamarpa, 2nd


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Born: 1350 gnam gzhung bye ma lung
Died: 1405


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Biography from

Famous master and polymath of the karma kaM tshang tradition.
He was recognized in 1355 as second zhwa dmar by mkhas grub dar ma rgyal mtshan.
Born gnam gyi bye ma lung (now yangs pa can). The son of lha rgyal and mother 'brog mo.
Aged 7 met the 4th Karmapa rol pa'i rdo rje at mtsho smad and took dge bsnyen vows.
Took rab byung ordination and name ye shes dpal at bde chen with mkhan chen don grub dpal serving as mkhan po and rol pa'i rdo rje as slob dpon.
Took teachings from don grub dpal and others.
Received final vows from don grub dpal at the age of 18.
Other teachers included slob dpon 'jam rin of bde chen.
Meditated at ma ra steng and tsa ri ma chen gyi brag dkar.
Author of many works such as khrid yig and nyams mgur.
At the age of 56 to dga' ldan ma mo.
Disciples included the 5th Karmapa.

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