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Vol. 1

  1. Text 3.1.2 g.yung ston and rmog ston are not the same person. rmog rton wrote this work based on the yig cha of g.yung ston BDRC P1454, so it should include him as the source author.
  2. Text 3.1.4 Shri Simha is included as a category in this text, though he's only quoted in the conclusion of the text.
  3. Text 3.1.6 You have the wrong Nam mkha' rdo rje. It should be this person BDRC P7962.
  4. Text 3.1.7 In reference to the Note on this page- snyan brgyud rin po che is not a person it is the Precious Hearing Lineage (of Aro).
  5. Texts 3.1.4 through 3.1.7 None of the titles for the Semde guidance manuals are actually translated, only the subtitles.

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