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zhus len rdo rje rol pa
Vajra Play: Questions and Answers on Severance

Damngak Dzö Volume 14 (ཕ་) / Pages 113-115 / Folios 7a5 to 8a7
Translation's Introduction by Harding, S.

Vajra Play is appended to Another Bundle in The Treasury of Precious Instructions but not indicated in the table of contents or in Jamgön Kongtrul’s catalog. Nor is it included in other editions of Another Bundle. However, in the Dingri Volumes it appears as a separate entry, and I have followed suit here. Vajra Play consists of eighteen questions, with their answers delivered in short and even cryptic prose. Only a few of the questions echo those in the other collections, and this set may have a different source.

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shog lhe 113 /bdud kyi stobs rab tu 'joms pa la phyag 'tshal lo/_/a ma jo mo' bdud kyi gcod yul 'di hril gyis dril na ji ltar bgyi/_zhus pas/_gcod yul 'di la gnyis su gsungs/_/de yang dad pa can ngan song gi g.yang la mi bskyur ba dang /_shes rab can 'khor ba'i sgrog tu mi 'jug pa'o/_/dad pa can chos spyod dus gdab med par bya/_/rang sems g.yo sgyu med par byed/_/dam tshig ngo lkog med par bsrung bas/_'khor ba dang ngan song las thar ro/_/shes rab can 'jug sgo ngan pa grub mtha'i sgor mi 'jug_/rnam rtog ngan pa gral mi sgrig_/bsgom nyams bde gsal gser gyi

shog lhe 114 sgrog tu mi gzhugs/_shes rab can yin na 'jug sgo ma nor ba gcod kyi sgor zhugs nas/_sgom dran pa med cing yid la byar med pa nyams su len pa'o/_/gsungs/_nyams su len na ji ltar bgyid/_/zhus pas/_dang po lta bas thag bcad pa dang /_/bar du sems mnyam par bzhag rag pa la yid ches pas/_tha mar chos thams cad sems su 'khyer shes pa gcig dgos gsungs/_'di'i drung na chos thams cad glor 'dug zhus pas/_bshad pas 'chal/_bsgom pas gol/_'dod pas phung gsungs/_'o na ji ltar bsgom zhus pas/_/gnyis 'dzin gyi shes pa dga' mi dga' dang bral ba la sems snyems med 'gyur med du bzhag gsungs/_dmigs pa gcig zhus pas/_gtad so ma byas pas gol sa chod/_dmigs med tsam gyis 'dzin pa grol/_nga la gdams ngag g.yas med cig las med gsungs/_nyon mongs pa skyes nas gnyen po ji tsug tu btang zhus pas/_gsal cha ma 'gag ste 'dzin cha ma grub/_bdud shar tsam na dgos pa'i gcod kyis slebaslebs par bya gsungs/_chos 'di la tshig bral go dgos par 'dug zhus pas/_gcod yul 'di tshig nyung la don che slob par sla la rtogs par dka'/_rtog pa'i spyod yul min gsungs/_gnyen po thub kyang snang ba 'di la 'khri shing gda'/_zhus pas/_lar zhen pa rang log cig nang nas 'char dgos/_zhen pa nang nas ma log na chos las su che ste gcod bya snyamasasnyam pa rang yang bdud yin gsungs/_gcod rang ji ltar bgyi zhus pas/_/gcod kyang bya'o byed do snyam pa'i rtog pa med par dga' la re tsam g.yas med du byed pa yin gsungs/_gcod yul rtogs tshad gang lags/_zhus pas/_snyems dang bral ba yin gsungs/_snyems dang bral ba'i tshad gang lags/_zhus pas/_snyems dang bral ba'i tshad nyam nga med

shog lhe 115 pa yin gsungs/_nyams su myong pa'i rtags ji lta bu mchi zhus pas/_phyi snang ba la zhen pa med pa/_nang sems nyid la 'khri ba med pa/_gsang ba nyon mongs la dmigs pa med pa yong gsungs/_gzhi stong pa nyid la ci 'khrul zhus pas/_stong pa nyid du ma shes pas ma rig pa'i 'dzin pa byung /_des khams gsum du 'khor zhing rgyud drug tu 'khyams pa yin/_chos nyid kyi ngo bo la ngos bzung rgyu med/_'dzin 'dzin po 'dod 'dod pos 'khrugs pa yin gsung /_/'dzin med du rtogs pa la sangs rgyas zer ba lags sam zhus pas/_sangs rgyas la rang bzhin gyi bde ba yod la/_'dzin pa'i rtog pa med pa yin/_/sems la ci yang med bsam par zhog_/nga sgom pa ma yin gsung /_ma bsam bya ba ci tsam gcig la zer zhus pas/_yid la mi byed pa la zer ba yin/_rig pa 'di la 'dzin pa med pa la sangs rgyas zer ba yin pas/_sems 'di chud ma gson par sgoms shig gsung /_rnal 'byor pab bya ba ci la zer zhus pas/_rtog pa dang bral pab la zer ba yin/_bdag tu 'dzin pa'i 'du shes dang bral nas zhen pa rang log tu 'gro dgos/_de ltar rgyud la ma skyes na chos byed pa skad byas kyang phan med gsung /_dang po'ang gcig pur 'ongs/_tha ma'ang gcig pur 'gro bas da lta yang gcig pu la slob dgos gsung /_gcod 'di go nas chos kun gtan la phebs par 'dug zhus pas/_chos spyi dang mthun gdams ngag khyad par 'phags/_gcod gong khal yin gsungs/_chos spyi dang 'brel phyin de tsam 'ong ba ci lags zhus pas/_/don la 'khrul pa 'jig pa yin/_/re ba bshig na lha dang 'bral/_/dogs pa bshigs na 'dre dang 'bral/_/'khrul pa bshigs na 'dre dang 'bral/_/gsungs so/_/zhus len rdo rje rol pa zhes bya ba 'di ni yongs su rdzogs so//_//


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