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The instructions known as the spiritual connections with the six gatekeepers, which are the pith instructions of Śāntipa’s Practical Methods Blending Sutra and Tantra, Nāropa’s Dispelling the Three Kinds of Suffering, Vāgīśvakīrti’s Clear Recollection of the Genuine State, Prajñākaragupta’s Guarding against Obstacles Due to External Negative Forces, Jñānaśrī’s Removing Obstacles Due to Disturbances of the Body’s Elements, and Ratnavajra’s Guarding against the Mental Obstacles to Meditative Absorption.  +
Meaningful to Behold: A Collection of Vinaya Rituals  +
Instruction on innate meditation extracted from the Discourse on the Gathering by Lochen Dharmaśrī  +
Six Meditative Experiences, by Mañjuśrīmitra  +
The Wheel of Ornaments of Gnosis That Makes Wisdom Grow: The Instructions of Mañjushrī, the Deity Related to the Enlightened Body  +
''Ornament of the Visions of Utter Lucidity'', a commentary on the preceding ''Fallen on Vulture Peak''  +
The Chariot of Supreme Accomplishment: A Concise Practice on the ''Three Quintessential Points'', the Direct Instructions of the Highest of Noble Beings, the Great Compassionate One  +
Instructions on the three aspects of purity as the enlightened intent of the explanatory tantra Vajra Pavilion, by Chögyal Pakpa, also known as the commentarial tradition of Lamdre without the source text.  +
Aryadeva's Grand Poem on Severance  +
A Stream of Nectar: The Approach and Accomplishment of Noble Avalokiteshvara  +
A Banquet of Nectar: A Complete Instruction on Noble Avalokiteshvara’s Graded Path to Enlightenment  +
An Offering Arrangement for the Empowerment Ritual of Noble Avalokiteshvara, “The Glowing Jewel,” together with the Revelation of the Mandala  +
A River of Great Compassion: The Empowerment for the Sādhana in the Stages of the Path of Noble Avalokiteshvara  +
The Luminous Golden Wand of Pith Instructions: An Appendix to the Instructions on Noble Avalokiteshvara’s Graded Path to Enlightenment  +
The Quintessence: A Commentary on the Root Text of the Great Seal ''Resting in the Nature of Mind'' That Noble Avalokiteshvara Taught the Mahāsiddha Mitrayogin  +
Resting in the Nature of One’s Own Mind: A Pith Instruction Given to the Mahāsiddha Mitrayogin by Noble Avalokiteshvara  +
The Source of Accomplishments: An Offering and Prayer Ritual to the Eighty-Four Mahāsiddhas of India  +
The transference of consciousness known as “the ultimate state of entering the city"  +
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